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THREADS - available for touring from spring 2018

A show for 3 physical performers, 1 live musician, 12 intricate layers of clothing and a giant see-saw:

“In the spring and summer I watched my plants flower, but it was, perhaps, in winter that I loved them best, when their skeletons were exposed. Then I felt they had more to say to me, were not simply dressing themselves for the crowds. Stripped of their leaves, their identities showed forth stark, essential.” Pamela Ehrens, The Understory

Threads 2
Ockham’s Razor take our trademark of creating exciting and touching physical theatre on new pieces of circus equipment to the streets. For our first ever production specifically for the outdoors the creative team designed a giant half-circular see-saw structure.

Tipped on its side it can turn into a corde lisse rig, balanced equally the other end of the rope can be clipped in to turn it into a rocking slackrope structure. It can become a tunnel, a slide, a sea saw, a catapult…. creating an ever-changing landscape the performers journey through. Choreographed on and around this multifaceted set the show will feature Ockham’s Razor’s signature blend of circus skills, humour and breath taking moments of risk. Taking Pamela Ehrens quote from The Understory as inspiration Threads will look at what happens if we dare to truly meet someone, how we have armoured ourselves emotionally, hiding beneath our layers and what happens if we strip them down. 

We follow the story of three people. From a couple of strangers' first awkward encounter to moments of beautiful intimacy we see the ups and downs of their relationships as they get to know each other deeply. Three carefully crafted costumes will unfold layer by layer alongside the story. As the threads unravel the characters allow themselves to become vulnerable, their movements becoming freer, bigger and bolder as they literally and metaphorically reveal what lies beneath.

Creative team:

Project leader: Tina Koch (joint artistic director, Ockham’s Razor)

Original equipment idea: Tina Koch and Stefano Di Renzo

Structural engineer: Thomas Loriaux

Costume design: Tina Bicat

Sound design: Gabriele Pierro

Producers: Turtle Key Arts



Duration: approx. 40 mins

Audience: suitable for all ages, medium scale

Showtime: suitable for day or nighttime performance

Technical: We need a flat an even surface (no slope) of 10m width x 7m depth

Threads will premier in spring 2018 as part of Circulate and will be available for touring throughout the UK in 2018, Europe in 2019 and worldwide as part of our repertoire in 2020.

We have already secured a commission from Circulate through which we are supported by our host venue Stratford Circus. Our long-term artist in residency hosts artsdepot are also supporting us with space. We are looking for more co-commissioners and supporters to come on board. If you would like to discuss becoming a supporter of Threads, please do get in touch with our producer Ali. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – 020 8964 5060




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