We're off to New York in the new year to perform Every Action..at NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts on January 8th at 8pm as part of Circus Now: International Contemporary Circus Exposure. It's a great show case festival of shows from around the world and lots of US promoters will be there, just like The Beatles and The Clash we're off to "break" America, well something like that anyway.


We performed extracts of Not Until We Are Lost outside for the first time as part of the Light Up Lancaster Festival on Friday 7th November.

We've been going through the amazing amount of applications we've received for new performers to join us in the creation and performance of our new show Tipping Point, due to premiere in autumn 2015. We're getting in touch with everyone for the auditions in December 2014.


We are looking for 4 highly skilled circus performers to be part of our new show Tipping Point.

- 2 very strong bases specializing in one or more of the following: Acrobalance/Russian Bar/Banquine/Perch (male or female)

- 1 medium Base/Flyer specialising in one or more of the following: Acrobalance/Banquine/Chinese Pole (male or female)

- 1 small Flyer specialising in one or more of the following: Tightwire/Russian Bar/Chinese Pole/Perch/Banquine (female)

Additional Aerial basing/flying skills desirable for all.

The show involves a wide skill set exploring movement possibilities on and around all sorts of poles in all sorts of configurations. We are seeking multi-skilled, versatile performers with physical theatre experience, a strong stage presence and an interest in work that explores the stories naturally inherent in circus.

We are looking for a team player to share the good and the bad, great venues and festivals paired with long hours in van, loading/unloading, set construction. Hard work, good fun!

Creation will take place in two periods January-April 2015 and September 2015, followed by UK performances from October. The London premiere is confirmed for January 2016 followed by a national and international tour. (dates to be confirmed)

Auditions will be held in London 2nd to 5th December 2014. Recalls will be held on Saturday 6th December 2014.

If you would like to be considered for auditions, please send a CV (including your height and weight), photo and show reel to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday 24th October 2014

Please do only apply if you are free on the above mentioned audition and rehearsal dates.

Unfortunately we will only be able to consider applications from performers based in the European Union.

Early Reseach & Development footage of our new show "Tipping Point", filmed at artsdepot, and the National Centre for Circus Arts - Summer 2014. Tipping Point will preview in autumn 2015.

The show will be set in the round, with five performers enclosed within the circle of the stage. Over the course of an hour they will take the simplest of equipment, 5m metal poles, and transform them into a rich landscape of images. They become a forest balancing on the tips of fingers, a thin path picked through a mountain, the swell of the sea.

The performers balance, climb, spin and cling to this teetering, changing world, supporting each other as they wrestle and play with the moment when things begin to shift and tilt towards the tipping point.

The audience are drawn close to the action as the toppling poles veer from catastrophe to mastery and lines are cast out beyond the circle of the stage and over their heads.

Great news! We have been successful in our bid for National Portfolio funding. We appreciate this continued support from Arts Council England which enables us to keep making innovative, exciting circus theatre. A huge thank you to Turtle Key Arts for all their support and hard work. We can now move forward together in realising our plans over the next three years: making our ground breaking new show Tipping Point, piloting our wonderfully ambitious education plan “The Ockademies” and at last creating a tailor made outdoor show for all our festival friends.

Warm congratulations to our partner venues artsdepot, Lincoln Drill Hall and Dance City who were also successful alongside many other supporters and creators of circus The Albany, LIVE at Lica, Jacksons Lane, Roundhouse, London International Mime Festival, The New Wolsey and Stratford Circus, Mimbre, Upswing, Wired Aerial Theatre, The National Centre for Circus Arts and Circomedia.

We are very conscious that other arts organisations will not have been successful in their applications and their livelihoods will now be in jeopardy. ACE has had their hands tied by continued cuts to the arts and has had some very difficult decisions to make. As one of the companies afforded funding we take our responsibility seriously to use this money to feed into the wider arts ecology and to continue to make and tour accessible, pioneering art.  

This June we are very excited to begin getting our teeth into some research and development for our new show Tipping Point. We will be in the ever lovely Creation Studio at The National Centre for Circus Arts working with a fine group of circus artists. Over the week we will be playing with a world of different tipping, balancing poles. it's wonderful to be setting off on this new path of creation and seeing which way the movement research tips us.  

Over the past month our producer Ali King has been meeting with partner venues across the country and it looks like it's hotting up to be another wide ranging tour, visiting some old friends and making some new ones. We will post details as we confirm dates. 

Our circus residency with the Key Club ( an arts club for young autistic people run by Turtle Key Arts) is drawing to a close and they have their final performance on Saturday 21st June. We have enjoyed this year immensely and are so proud of everything that the group has achieved. We are looking forward to their presentations and seeing their new found skills in action. 

Images of Key Club performance - TIPPING POINT

Earlier in the year Alex worked with Arc Dance in designing the equipment for their show Conversations with Dystonia which premiered at The Place in February. This May he has returned in the capacity of aerial consultant as they develop Conversations with Dystonia and their show: A Sense of Beauty into a powerful and moving Double Bill set to tour nationally. 

Alex and Charlotte have also been working with the incredible actor Bertie Carvel exploring the potential of incorporating text and aerial movement. Thanks to our home from home artsdepot for the use of their space and their customary support and warm welcome.  

We are very excited to be heading off for La Renaissance Festival in Mondeville, France to reprise The Mill once again for the outdoors. The weather is looking glorious at the moment so fingers crossed for a fine weekend.

And finally, in other exciting news we have almost found a new rural home for our massive sets and behemoth of a truck. Not world stopping news but very welcome for us.

Picture of our Truck - OFF TO FRANCE

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new website – we've got a spanking new look, if you're reading this then you know where to find it. We hope you like it, any feedback is welcome.

It's been a busy few months for Ockham's Razor.

Read more: NEW WEBSITE

We took the Triple Bill back to the Aberystwyth Arts Centre in March; a very beautiful part of the country at this time of year.

Also, we've been working on STRIKE!, the debut show by Keziah Serreau, creating exciting rigging opportunities, very interesting work. STRIKE! will premiere at Jacksons Lane 23 - 26 April as part of Circusfest 2014, followed by performances at The Point Eastleigh 1 & 2 May and Lincoln Drill Hall on 29 May.


We returned to Lincoln Drill Hall in February and performed The Mill. The first time we had performed it for quite a while and with our great new performer Grania Pickard - well done.

We have been working with Oily Cart again following the success of Something in the Air in 2009.

In collaboration with Ockham's Razor, Oily Cart have developed this new multi-sensory and highly interactive show, created for young people from 3-19 who are defined as having Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities or who are on the Autism Spectrum.

Using trampolines, video projection and live music with a Middle Eastern flavour, the show will be exploring bounce in all its forms from gentle to exuberant, the performances are carefully adapted to the specific requirements of each participant. For more information visit Oily Cart


In January we took the Triple Bill all the way over to Australia to perform at the Sydney Festival 2014. We were looked after really well by everyone from the festival and the performances were all sold-out and went well.


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