Early Reseach & Development footage of our new show "Tipping Point", filmed at artsdepot, and the National Centre for Circus Arts - Summer 2014. Tipping Point will preview in autumn 2015.

The show will be set in the round, with five performers enclosed within the circle of the stage. Over the course of an hour they will take the simplest of equipment, 5m metal poles, and transform them into a rich landscape of images. They become a forest balancing on the tips of fingers, a thin path picked through a mountain, the swell of the sea.

The performers balance, climb, spin and cling to this teetering, changing world, supporting each other as they wrestle and play with the moment when things begin to shift and tilt towards the tipping point.

The audience are drawn close to the action as the toppling poles veer from catastrophe to mastery and lines are cast out beyond the circle of the stage and over their heads.

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