Tipping Point at the London International Mime Festival has been a sold-out success. We's had lots of great feedback, we're really excited to be taking it out on tour - see dates here.

Here's what the press had to say.

 Lyn Gardner, The Guardian ****
Ockham’s Razor push themselves to the limit in a terrific show that wields lethal-looking poles to blend circus acrobatics, playground games and trust exercises.”

Rachel Elderkin, The Stage ****
Their feats are, without question, impressive - exhilarating to watch, both thrilling and nerve-racking - a spellbinding performance.”

Lyndsey Winship, Evening Standard ****
“There's something magical about British aerial theatre group Ockham’s Razor.”

Donald Hutera, The Times ***
“Tipping Point strikes an engaging and always intelligent balance between playful and poetic - this is a class act.”

Mary Nguyen, London Theatre 1 ****
This pulsating performance will make you want to get off your seat, join in with the performers, or hit the gym. Many will gasp and hold on to their breath as they watch these fearless performers”

The Upcoming *****
“A highlight of the London International Mime Festival, Tipping Point is a masterful display of artistic athleticism and vertical ballet. This striking production is inspiring and transports the spectator into an Olympic fairy-tale with which they feel impelled to join in.”

Maddy Costa, Exeunt Magazine
“Tipping Point inspires pleasure in seeing the ways in which the performers give each other the gift of flight, a sharp thrill in their bold acceptance of risk, an intellectual admiration for the ways in which they equate balance with tension.”

Michael Spring, Bargain Theatreland
Circus skills are here in abundance, but this is more than a circus show. It is about ideas as much as qualities like strength, or balance, and has a quite unique presence, something you feel pleased to have been part of.”

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