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What you have, hold - Proverb.

Research and Development 2018. Available Spring/Summer 2019.

To hold - to possess, to control, to rule, to detain, to grasp, to protect, to foster, to cherish, to keep watch over; to continue in existence or action; to keep back from action.

Hold is a piece of circus theatre which explores perceptions of strength and age and the deep bonds and rifts between generations with a cast spanning from 11 - 65.

We are interested in the immense transformations in a lifetime – how at each age our physicality and perceptions radically shift. How we are strong, wise, foolish, weak and exuberant in different ways at different times in our lives. We are interested in how age is read – how strong we perceive ourselves to be and how the world sees us; the assumptions that are hurled upon our bodies. We are interested in what lies between – what the old and young can bring to each other. And we are interested in families – the place where different generations bump up against each other.

The show will feature an aerialist is their 60s, a couple in their 30's, a child of 11 and an original piece of circus equipment: a frame and sling which act as part trapeze, part cradle or perch. It is a simple yet incredibly versatile design. It can hang an inch from the floor - be a still doorway or a swing travelling the full length of the stage. It can be counter weighted and manipulated to create a little world of windows, thresholds and ledges. It can be pulled right up to the grid to create a precariously high trapeze or cradle. And it can be all the distances in between. With it we can play with the risk and beauty of a body suspended high in the air and the delicacy of being close to the ground. It also offers multiple basing positions so that we can create fluid and interchanging doubles, triples and quadruples work and the possibility for inventive, new circus choreography on the floor and in the air.

Already from our research we have discovered the huge potential in the clashing rhythms and energies of different ages. We are finding the joy and tension in the generations interacting so physically and discovering how moving it is to see an older parent lift and carry their grown child, and how they in turn might hold and be held by their young child : the cycles of choreography within a family.

This show continues our commitment to using the imagery of circus to create genuine, thrilling and moving theatre; trademark innovative design alongside compelling stories

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