How about this for a poster location, down by the sea front in Sydney's Darling Harbour.

We got quite a bit of press and here is a selection of some of the reviews.

"Ockham’s Razor explores the vulnerability, trust and reliance that is at the core of human relationships and which are embodied in the art of aerial acrobatics: with no safety harnesses, the performers are literally held in each others arms. If you have the chance to see the show while it’s in Sydney, do it. You’ll be signing yourself up for acrobat school by the end." - FBI Radio

"Whilst the acrobatic prowess of the performers was undeniably breath taking, it was the execution of subtle and brooding narratives that sustained the impulse. A heartfelt ‘acroballet’ with enough WOWs and LOLs to steer well clear of pretension." - Pages digital

"This show by Britain's Ockham's Razor is built on the aerial acrobatic skills of the company but that doesn't begin to explain the appeal of these entrancing short works. They are small dramas, in which the faces and gestures of the performers, their simple understated charm and expressiveness, and the relationships between them, grow into stories so involving that sometimes you forget that you are watching something based in circus." - The Australian

"This special show at the Seymour Theatre had four incredibly talented and refined acrobatic performers dazzle through three separate theatre pieces with true talent and an endearing sense of playfulness that kept things light, even when the focus was on death and isolation. Their stunts are risky, dangerous acts; gravity-defying displays of strength and balance, while they manage to gracefully string together both light and dignified theatrical performances. Even the smallest movement is executed with a certain, awe-inspiring deftness; what the audience witnesses is nothing short of incredible during this 80 minute show, giving us no choice but to trust the performers with their own lives and save us from having to witness what could easily be tragedy." - AU Review

"This is not a show whereby actions are completed with the expectations of applause, more that each action fluidly moves from one moment to another to convey story or shifts in emotion. The overall effect is mesmerizing and entertaining. The delight comes from the focus of the performers on each other and the diversity of situations and equipment in the works, and challenges the well-worn path of circuses – that of spectacle for its own sake. Relationships between performers is intense, intergral and carries with it a message of trust, vulnerability and interconnectedness." - Australian Stage

"William of Ockham would be proud: keep your explanation simple – no more complex than it needs to be. This principle keeps this company’s work clean, neat, accessible, poignant and pointed. And, for the Sydney Festival, it proved its worth to a full York Theatre, from the children to the ancients like me. The laughter, the silences, and the extended applause said it all." - Canberra Critics Circle

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