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PUBLIC is a new outdoor performance about the ownership of public space. Urban space has become increasingly colonised by corporations with our malls, shopping centres and transport hubs being owned and policed by private interests. In this landscape there is less space for young people, to take up public space - to experiment, play, rest together and build social bonds with their peers. Play has become a risky and subversive act.

In PUBLIC ten young acrobats and dancers will create an image of a reality where they are able to be utterly without guard in a public arena. Incorporating acrobatics, parkour and dance they move through the architecture of the streets, lifting each other over and around walls, stairs, obstacles - dancing with the fabric of the world. The show is about support, freedom and tenderness and asks how and where we can be uninhibited and unbound?

PUBLIC summer 2022 tour.

Sat 7th – Sun 8th May
12pm & 3pm
The Lowry, Salford

Sat 14th May   1:30pm & 5:30pm
Sun 15th May  12pm & 2:30pm
Peterborough Celebrates Festival

Sun 29th May  12:30pm & 2:30pm
Culture House, St James Square, Grimsby

Sun 10th July 12pm & 2.30pm
Falmouth International Arts Fest

Sat 23rd & Sun 24th July  1pm & 6pm
Kensington and Chelsea Festival

Sat 30th July 1pm & 3pm
New Wolsey, Ipswich IPSWICH TOWN HALL

Sun 31st July  1pm & 3pm
New Wolsey, Ipswich THEATRE SQUARE

Sat 13th – Sun 14th August
Journeys Festival International, Leicester

Fri 19th – Sat 20th August (TBC)
Harlow Playhouse




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