“a light-hearted classic of constant, feel-good invention” -  The Times

"one of the best and funniest rope acts I have seen" - The Australian

Premiere - May 2005 (Ah! les beaux jours, Palaiseau, France)

4 performers, 20 minutes.

Every Action… is a playful look at the bonds that form when people are thrown together. Four strangers meet before twenty-five metres of suspended rope. As they explore this elevated set of scales they discover a world where everything you do will affect someone, somewhere.

Devised by Meline Danielewicz, Alex Harvey, Tina Koch and Charlotte Mooney.

Performed by Alex Harvey, Tina Koch, Charlotte Mooney and Steve Ryan

With direction from Samuel Jornot and Bim Mason.

Music from The Penguin Café Orchestra.

Equipment Design by Ockham’s Razor and Tina Koch

Costume design by Tina Bicat.

Lighting design by Justin Farndale.

Every Action… is available for booking individually or as part of a full evening’s programme together with Arc and Memento Mori.

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