The following information is a description of the production requirements for a performance of Ockham’s Razor’s show Tess.

main contacts

Ockham’s Razor are produced by:
Turtle Key Arts.
Lyric Hammersmith, Lyric Square, King St, Hammersmith, London, W6 0QL
Tel: 020 8964 3311 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.turtlekeyarts.org.uk

Alison King - Producer
+44 (0)7970 426 763
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alex Harvey - Company co-artistic director
+44(0)7792 486890
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Note: As with all devised work the show is constantly changing and improving. Whilst we have tried to ensure the accuracy of all information, please check first.

Staffing and schedule

  • We require the venue to prepare a clear and tidy stage.
  • We require a full black box, we will agree/hang additional venue masking of legs and borders as we set up
  • We require a minimum of 3 multi-skilled/all-rounder technicians for get in and get out, with good sound and Lx knowledge.
  • At least 1 technician should be a flyperson in counterweight flying houses
  • Please advise us if your venue has particular staffing requirements that we may not have considered. For instance; additional staffing required for tallescope / access equipment use
  • We may choose to stagger the lunchtime breaks of the lighting and stage departments if this serves the process better. We will aim to advise this at the beginning of the fit-up
  • We require a minimum of 1.5 days to get in, opening on the evening of day 2 (so 5 sessions for get in)
  • Get out takes around 2.5-3 hours
  • Exact schedule will be tailored and discussed to allow for venue specific details
  • Show running time: 2 hours plus interval

    N/B On the day of the second show or subsequent show days we require access to the stage 3 hours before curtain up for warm up/practice etc as this is a high energy and very physical show, we only need working light until duty tech time/show call commences,

    Do let us know if any technical charges would be incurred for the fit-up sessions/ stage access and the get out as we need to know this at contract stage.

Stage department


  • Minium stage/performance area – 10 m wide x 9.5 m deep x 7m high clear space (width and height can be discussed)
  • We have one single aerial rope to rig and this can be done from a venue RSJ/ or fixed bar or a fly bar or a number of fly bars, depending on position. It needs a safe working load of 200KG (we provide all equipment to rig)
  • Our aerial rope height is ideally 7m but this can be discussed.
  • All performance takes place within our stage area
  • Grid height for lighting minimum 7m. (can be discussed)
  • Grid height for rigging minimum 7m (can be discussed)
  • Clear view for performance needed to 6m high
  • We tour our own Cyc for the projection. We require venue masking as follows: blacks to frame the Cyc SL and SR and top border. Full width border DS; masking legs DSR; DSL; USR; USL.We may need additional masking to hide the props table based on venue site lines.
  • We tour our own Harlequin grey dance floor 10m wide by 8m deep, we will place this on the venues black dance floor or black floor please advise if you don’t have a black floor.
  • Please advise if your stage is not level, wooden or sprung flooring as this can affect the acrobatic elements of the show and the Cyr wheel. Or if it does not conform with BS6399, Part 1. There is a concentrated load USL of 300Kg on a 1/2M footprint.


  • Free standing wooden wall assembled from Scaff planks measuring 3m H x 4mW x 2.5mD
  • 18 lengths of ropes to be hung as per the plan from the grid or lx bars these are set pieces only. 5 get pulled across the stage to create washing lines. Each rope weighs approx 5kg max.
  • Various scaff planks to be used individually or they create set pieces of a bed/house/gates and fences etc various lengths of planks – longest 4m.
  • We tour our cyc and require additional venue masking to frame the cyc
  • 1 x Cyr wheel
  • 1 x table
  • 2 x benches
  • We tour scaff bars to build racks to hold the planks in each wing and require the venue to provide us with 4 boom bases for these and if possible 8 boom arms
  • We also require 12 x stage weights from the venue


The rigging is one aerial point for corde de lisse (as specified above) we also rig from venue fly bars or the grid, 18 set ropes as per above and as shown on the plan.

Stage Management

  • 2 x large dressing room required for performers: 7 performers in total (5 woman/2 men)
  • They should be clean, private and have access to WC, basins and shower. It must be lockable, have well-lit mirrors and a wardrobe rack. It should be separate from public access and be close to the stage
  • 1 small room/office for technical and production if possible
  • A suitable area to warm-up prior to the show is appreciated
  • Please advise if in house laundry facilities are not available and free of charge
  • Brooms, mops and crew to sweep and mop the stage before each performance is important for us please


  • A generic lighting plan is sent with this tech spec
  • A venue specific plan will be produced in conjunction with your staff

We tour:

  • 8 x Encore Performance CLD, 5 x Chroma Q Colourforce MK 2’s
  • We tour a ETC Midi gateway
  • We need an ETC Ion or EOS lighting desk with at least 2 clear universes for toured units, so we can load our show file please advise if your venue does not have one or you cannot access one.

We Don’t tour:

  • Distro for intelligent units.

We require:

  • Sufficient TRS cable to reach all positions
  • Full lighting blackout, except emergency lighting
  • Control of house lights at the control position
  • Control position at the rear of the auditorium with a clear visual of the whole stage to 6m high, shared desk with sound
  • Our TM operates sound/lx and projection


We require:

  • A House PA system with subs powerful enough to fill the auditorium
  • In addition, we need 2 monitors US of our toured CYC and 2 monitors’ mid stage.
  • We require 4x inputs on the in-house sound desk, SL, SR, SUB & US speakers.
  • We require the sound mac to be positioned next to the LX desk as we use midi triggers throughout the show.
  • Connection to PA from the rear of the auditorium with a clear visual to whole stage to 6m high
  • Headset communication between control position and onstage

We tour:

  • Laptop for Q-lab playback
  • Soundcard (1/4 Jack outputs into your mixer)
  • We tour 1x wireless microphone controlled through Q-lab


The show has projection throughout which is operated off a Mac Sl or SR which we tour and link to our LX and Sound MAC FOH.

  • We tour the projector (Panasonic PT-RZ 120), cradle, lens (ET-DLE 35) and all relevant cables to link together to our operating system.
  • The projector has a powercon loom with a 13A adaptor and we need this to be on a non-dimmed circuit
  • The loom has power, signal via SDI and ethernet which will run to the laptop which will be either stage left or right.
  • The laptop will need 13 amp power either SL or SR.
  • The laptop will have a 5 port giga bit network switch which will be connected to the sound MAC via ethernet cable which we tour with, this will run back to our FOH control position,
  • The Projection loom also needs to go into this network switch and we provide that cable that will run from the grid to either SL or SR,
  • The projector is rigged in the grid approx 2.4m from the lens to the cyc.



transport and parking

  • All set, lighting, projection and sound are toured in 2 x 3.5T XLWB Vans (RX61 FKN & GK15 ULV). We require loading bay access for both vans, which are 7m long x 2.5m wide x 3m of height for clearance
  • We require parking for both vans for the duration of our time at your venue. In addition we would appreciate parking for 2 x cars for Director/Producer transport

licensing / special / other

  • All company members are DBS checked as required.
  • As a circus based theatre show with acrobatics and an aerial element, all are comprehensively rehearsed and performed by trained professionals.
  • Please advise of any curfews, mandatory inspections by licensing or safety departments
  • Company have full insurance and all rigging is undertaken and checked by qualified technical staff
  • Site visit by technical manager/LD or head of rigging will be undertaken if necessary where all aspects of the show can be discussed.
  • The music has been specially composed and engineered for this show. A PRS/PPL form will be sent once rehearsals are complete.
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