Agreeing practices to ensure inclusivity is the norm and barriers to participation are reduced or removed. In order to ensure inclusivity is the norm and barriers to participation are reduced or removed. Turtle Key Arts and collaborating companies and artists pledge:

  • to ensure core staff have training in access, diversity and inclusion [ 3 ]
  • Turtle Key Arts to offer one paid training placement per year to someone of an underrepresented group [ 4 ]
  • to be reviewed annually. Turtle Key Art’ collaborating companies and artists to aspire to offer this over the course of the next 3 years. We understand fundraising and project planning is required.
  • to set evaluations to ensure that the scheme to offer paid training opportunities to underrepresented groups is meeting its aims and targets
  • to address the “word of mouth” culture, as this often leads to exclusivity and workforces mirroring employers’ ethnic, social and economic groupings by creating links with organisations who can access underrepresented groups rather than solely advertising and hoping for the best
  • to ask all freelancers about access needs prior to each job and to adjust planning to accommodate wherever possible
  • to include time in the planning stages of any project to specifically address and implement any strategies to increase access, diversity and inclusion
  • to encourage and support persons with children or dependents by discussing needs prior to planning
  • to commit to offering and accepting varied application formats such as video applications, telephone/zoom interviews etc.
  • to ensure preparation requirements for auditions are reasonable
  • to offer an expenses bursary available by application for auditionees facing financial barriers
  • to reimburse performers for recall expenses
  • to ensure freelancers are represented at board level
  • to have a clear policy on who to speak to when an issue arises and for this to be issued at contract stage
  • to commit to act under The Social Model of Disability

[ 3 ] Turtle Key Arts through its broad range of projects offer and run a number of training session which are offered out free of charge to freelancers within our network. These include; working and running projects for those with Dyslexia, Autism, Dementia, HIV. Hosting and running accessible and inclusive projects and work environments. Hosting relaxed performances in theatres.

[ 4 ] An ‘underrepresented’ group/person could be defined through their; social class, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, location and/or access.


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