PUBLIC - a film by Steve Ryan

A short film interpretation of our outdoor show Public filmed in London.




"I am thrilled that this film version of PUBLIC is being released into the world. It was an amazing project to realise, and I am especially grateful for the guidance and support Alex and Charlotte gave in making it all possible. It was a wonderful opportunity to challenge myself - both technically and creatively - and I am proud of the result. It is a document that attempts to capture the energy and spirit of the original show - using the visual language of cinema.

The film was mostly shot guerrilla-style beside the Old Street roundabout in central London over two incredibly hectic days. We had an idea and a plan, and we did our best to make them work, despite facing some obstacles. Once we finished filming, I took all of the footage and set to the task of editing and shaping this raw material into a finished product.

I was fortunate to have the inimitable Alan Bowyer mentoring and assisting me. Such a wonderfully positive and knowledgeable person to have by my side, without whom this project may never have taken off. I am also hugely indebted to Paul Veer, whose genuine excitement and technical expertise made the film look so good. That long tracking shot towards the end of the film is partly down to Paul being a complete legend.

I have to give a special thank you to all of the dancers, who were so generous with their time, energy and focus. Working with this exceptional group of highly skilled individuals was truly an honour. Finally, to all of the numerous attendant crew and creatives who worked away behind the scenes helping to make this project a reality - thank you! It is all the unseen work makes things possible - and I won’t ever forget that.

I have worked with Ockham’s Razor on and off for over a decade now, in so many different roles and productions. I am so happy to continue to make work with them, albeit in a different form. What always strikes me about their work is how wonderfully cohesive their ideas are and how they consistently create an inclusive and open working environment. This, for me, is their real magic: fostering a collective artistic space that is uniquely beautiful, emotional and brave. I am so proud to be part of this amazing company and to contribute to its continuing story."

Steve Ryan



PUBLIC - performed at the Kensington & Chelsea Festival


A live recording of PUBLIC - filmed by Primo digital video productions.



This Time Spring 2021 Tour

Our associate artist Steve Ryan made some excellent short films of us in the rehearsal room for the final This Time tour in spring/summer 2021.






What We Have Learned

A film by Steve Ryan about the making of This Time (2019)

Filmed over a 9 month period, 'What We Have Learned' is an intimate, behind the scenes look at the creation and devising of our latest show, This Time. The film explores the challenges faced and the lessons learnt. Steve Ryan is an associate artist with Ockham's Razor, interested in revealing the unseen aspects and stories within contemporary circus.



STEVE RYAN - Crafting this film was a huge learning experience for me. I was honoured to be allowed into the rehearsal process to observe, document and gently interrogate. The editing gave me the space to reflect upon what I had filmed and to select and compose these images and voices into an order. Ultimately it is a chance to share with audiences some moments from behind the scenes.

I have always been interested in the hidden stories that exist within the shows that Ockham’s Razor make. A thousand invisible tales of tension and creation that the audience may never see, tales that imbue each show with a depth and a quality that I think deserves to be seen. Film-making as a companion art form seemed a natural fit. It is a direct way of showing audience how Alex and Charlotte work, the methods they employ and the challenges they face.

I’ve worked with Ockham’s Razor on and off for over 10 years, creating and playing in many different spaces and environments in that time. Theirs is a connection I value very highly. They are inspiring. They consistently produce great work and are some of the kindest and most considerate people I have ever met.


CHARLOTTE & ALEX - We have known Steve for many years. He has performed in 4 of our shows and is an associate artist with the company. He has been in the room alongside us many times as we have been tussling with the task of creating something new. In 2018 he contacted Alex and I and said he wanted to make a short film which would follow us in the midst of making a new show.

We devise our shows from scratch, responding to what unfolds day by day in the rehearsal room. This is a process where you can feel utterly lost in the dark, yet it can also feel miraculous. You try and fail. Ideas arrive mysteriously, suddenly and yet some days not at all. Over time we have become more comfortable with this free-wheeling sense of not knowing, trusting that the show will come.

Steve joined us as we made This Time. He was with us from the very beginning – unobtrusively filming from a corner, occasionally asking a question. Very quickly we forgot he was there, as he moved quietly alongside us. What resulted is a glimpse of the intimacy and trust growing between four people as the show begins to reveal itself. Rather than an in depth look at our working methods it is a rarer thing: it captures the feeling in the room. It was surprising to look back and see the intensity of both our concentration and our laughter as we wrestled the thing into shape.



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