We’ve commissioned some of our associated freelancers to film some workout sessions for you to do at home and we have also filmed some ourselves. Scroll down for the links to the videos

There’s a real variety of workouts to try, some more hardcore, some fun and some more calm and focused. They’re very informal, just us in our living rooms doing what we’ve been doing with what we have! Check out the list below and let us know which ones work for you. Enjoy!


FAITH was a performer with us in the show This Time. She has made a brilliant training video, thanks Faith you're a star.



STEVE RYAN: Steve is one of our Associate Artists and has devised, performed and taught with us for over a decade. 

His video is a general full body workout that we would normally do one set of for a warm up or 3 sets as a workout. 

Steve is a great performer, deviser, director, and workshop leader. He is also a film and documentary maker. His film of the creation of our last show This Time can be seen here: Ockham's Razor - WHAT WE LEARNED

More info about Steve and contact details can be found at http://steveryan.co.uk/



GRANIA PICKARD: Grania has performed with us in 3 of our shows and is one of our favourite workshop leaders. She has her own company Oddly Moving whose last two shows Ockham’s Artistic Director Charlotte has worked with Grania on. 

Her workout is a high energy HIIT session, the sort of thing that we would use for warming up and team building before a day’s creation. 

Grania is brilliant aerial and theatre performer and deviser as well as an awesome workshop leader. More info and contact details can be found at www.graniapickard.co.uk



LEE CARTER: Lee is a performer, recently converted circus artist, and yoga teacher. She is currently performing with us in our most recent show This Time. 

Lee’s video is a yoga session incorporating some elements of the training that she did (and still does) when she started working with us. We love having Lee on tour with us to lead us in yoga warm ups. 

More information on all the incredible thing she does and to contact her go to Lee Carter — House of Talents



LAURA “BETTY” HAYNES: Betty is the company stage manager on tour with us with This Time. But she is also so much more. She is one of the founders of the awesome Lycra 80s Party and Twisted Time Machine, high energy dance parties and workout phenomena. True to form her video is a dance fitness workout that takes you through the 70s, 80s & 90s. Laura would lead warm ups for us on tour and sometimes on tough days that was the only thing that could get us going.

Check out Home | Lycra 80s Party and @lycra80sparty @twistedtimemachine or contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



CHARMAINE CHILDS: Charmaine is a Circus Strong Woman, devising and performing in her own shows. She is currently developing her new show Power with Ockham’s Artistic Director, Charlotte mentoring. She is also a yoga instructor, workshop leader, compere and inspirational speaker. We have been doing workout sessions with Charmaine on Zoom throughout lockdown and she has been a joyful source of motivation for us. 

Her video is a lower body workout incorporating elements of her yoga practice. 

More info and contact details are at Home - Strong Lady Productions



CHARLOTTE MOONEY: Charlotte is one of the Artistic Directors of Ockham’s Razor. This video is a sequence of exercises designed to strengthen shoulder stabilisation. As an aerialist Charlotte’s shoulders have taken a fair bit of pounding over the years and these are some of the exercises she does to keep them working in healthy alignment. Even if you’re not an aerialist it’s never a bad idea to take care of your most mobile, some might say, wayward joints.



ALEX HARVEY: Alex is one of the Artistic Directors of Ockham’s Razor. This video is a series of exercises to strengthen your abs and core. We use it as a warm up and for general conditioning. It came to us courtesy of Luke Horley who performed with us in Not Until We Are Lost. It can be as controlled or as dynamic, as easy or hardcore as you are feeling.



ALEX AND CHARLOTTE: This is a short sequence of pull ups and press ups to maintain / build strength. We’ve been doing this a few times a week during lockdown while we haven’t had access to equipment. 





In the meantime follow us on social media instagram.com/ockhamsrazoruk for all the latest updates and most importantly, take care of yourselves and each other.

Warm Wishes from all at Ockham's Razor

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