The show uses aerial movement to create atmospheric, exciting physical theatre in a series of short stories which explore what it is to be lost.

Not Until We Are Lost brings the audience into the heart of the action. The performance is viewed in new, innovative ways from within a unique set, featuring originally designed aerial structures. The images unfold above and around the audience as they journey through the narrative.

The aerial sculptures transform around the audience creating physically and emotionally affecting environments. These shifts in perspective and gravity question how solid, how fixed, is the world around us?

Not Until We Are Lost has an original score from composer Graham Fitkin (twice winner British Composer awards) and features a live musician and a 20 strong choir from the local community put together especially for the show.

The title comes from the Henry David Thoreau quote “not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves”. Sometimes you need a shift in perspective to find your way.


What the press say

“A magical show” 

The Independent on Sunday

“a miracle of co-operation” 

The Guardian 

“this is special work” 

The Times

“it has a humane dimension and a sense of comedy” 

The Observer on Sunday

“immense physical skill, it’s absolutely breathtaking” 

What’s on Stage

"Britain’s most innovative aerial theatre group” 

Total Theatre

"with the audience this close, every signal, bead of sweat and quivering muscle is palpable” 

The Independent

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Produced by:
Turtle Key Arts

Directed by:
Ockham’s Razor and Tina Koch

Devised by:
Alex Harvey, Luke Horley, Tina Koch, Charlotte Mooney, Haike Irina Amelia Stollbrock

Performed by: 
Alex Harvey, Tina Koch, Charlotte Mooney, Haike Irina Amelia Stollbrock, Luke Horley

Musical Composition:
Graham Fitkin

Live Musician:
Ruth Wall

Equipment Design:
Ockham’s Razor and Tina Koch

Design & Costumes:
Bicât & Rigby

Lighting Design:
Phil Supple

Funded by the PRS for Music Foundation Co-commisioned by artsdepot, Dance City, Live at LICA and La Breche.


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