The show uses a 4 metre perspex tower and attached chinese pole to create atmospheric, exciting physical theatre which explores what it is to be lost.

In 2013 Ockham's Razor premiered the show Not Until We Are Lost, the show featured a glass tower with one performer trapped inside and another outside. The one inside climbed, turned and spun in his own world as the other tried to reach him through the glass, to befriend him and ultimately liberate him.

For 2020, the company have revisited this piece about the human desire for connection, the value of kinship and the hope we offer each other.

Performed outside for a socially distanced audience we bring our unique brand of circus to reflect on the times we find ourselves in and the solace to be found together. 


What the press say

“In one beautiful episode, a performer gradually guides another out of a tall, see-through plastic box, as if from a trap that could be more psychological than physical.” 

The Times

“you find yourself smiling broadly throughout this low-key but lovely little show”

The Guardian

“in the Perspex box, a man tests the limits of his confinement”

Independent on Sunday

“you feel the claustrophobic struggle of a man locked inside a glass tower, pulling himself up the walls” 

The Evening Standard

“creates an aura of discovery that envelops both us and them”

The Times


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Produced by:
Turtle Key Arts

Devised and Directed by: 
Ockham’s Razor and Tina Koch

Devised by:
Alex Harvey, Telma Pinto, Haike Irina Amelia Stollbrock

Performed by:
Alex Harvey and Steve Ryan

Musical Composition:
Graham Fitkin

Music Performed by:
Ruth Wall

Equipment Design:
Ockham’s Razor and Tina Koch

Design & Costumes:
Bicât & Rigby

Funded by the PRS for Music Foundation
Co-commisioned by artsdepot, Dance City, Live at LICA and La Breche.


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