PREMIERED: January 2007

Arc tells the story of three people who find themselves stranded together.

It is about the balance between them as relationships form and break apart. It explores the experience of isolation in close proximity.

It takes place on an  aluminium aerial raft rigged 3.5 metres off the ground. Due to the way it is rigged the structure seems to float in the air, it also up-ends dramatically half way through the performance.


What the press say

"their catches and holds become perilously expressive, and their real vulnerability and strength becomes part of the story”

The Independent

"nothing short of incredible"

Australian Review

"a very tender piece of visual storytelling"

Australian Stage

“it is beautiful to watch, especially with the score by Derek Nisbet”

The Australian

“It’s like the cliffhanger ending of The Italian Job, but re-scripted for extra existential impact by Beckett.” 

The Daily Telegraph

“The moves are physically thrilling, the accompanying fluctuations of mood and relationships succinctly developed.” 

The Sunday Times


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Produced by:
Turtle Key Arts

Devised by
Alex Harvey, Tina Koch and Charlotte Mooney

With direction from
Ruth Naylor-Smith

Music composed by
Derek Nisbet

Equipment Design:
Ockham’s Razor and Tina Koch

Costume design
Tina Bicât

Lighting design
Justin Farndale

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