Daily- Full working day

£105 up to £250

* a full day is defined as 8 hours plus breaks, not exceeding a 12 hour day


Half Day/ Session/ Workshop / Rehearsal / Planning (In person)


*half days rehearsal/workshop (no more than 3 hours incl travel)


Half Day/ Session/ Workshop / Rehearsal / Planning (online)


* no more than 3 hours incl travel


Production/Project Meetings- online

£40- £60

* Outside of contractual agreement i.e. This only applies to those being engaged on a daily rate basis. Minimum 1 hour- Maximum 2.5 hours.


Production/Project Meetings- in person


* This only applies to those being engaged on a daily rate basis.



£525 up to £650

* 5 days in a row. Any additional days will be agreed in advance and paid at a additional daily rate


Travel day


* a full days travel (over 3 hours in one direction)


Half travel day


* where the journey time is expected to be less than 3 hours in one direction



* Per diems will be paid directly into the freelancers bank account via BACS

Per diem on tour (where breakfast is provided)


*including full travel days


Half Travel Day per diem



Per diem on tour (where breakfast is not provided and freelancer is away from home)


* if you do not wish for the company to provide you with breakfast on tour (where possible) please state at the beginning of the tour.


Per diem on tour (when staying in self catered accommodation)


* if staying in self-catered accommodation for 5-7 consecutive days, you will be given a weekly allowance of £100 max for food



Accommodation will be booked by the company unless discussed otherwise. When booked by the Company accommodation will be a minimum of 3 Stars. If staying in shared accommodation (i.e. Airbnb/ theatre digs) you will not have to share a bathroom with more than 2 other people.

booked by company

* please note often our accommodation is mixed unless discussed otherwise.

*In line with our environmental policy, we will book the most ecologically sound accommodation within the availability of our budgets.

*accommodation will be in line with government guidelines for COVID-19

*where food allergies are present please notify TKA as soon as possible so we can accommodate accordingly.



Creative Fees- (Directors/ Designers/ Choreographers/ Writers/ Lighting Designers/ Sound Designers/ AV Designers/ Movement Directors and Productions Managers)


* We will discuss and negotiated with the freelancer and agent, as appropriate based on the demand of the role and experience. We guarantee to pay in accordance with the ITC/Equity recommended rates of pay (Link) and above when possible.


*This document is Turtle Key Arts' 22/23 pay pledge for Freelance Artists. All projects managed by TKA will adhere to this and all partner companies which TKA work directly with will adopt this policy. These currently include: Ockham's Razor, Oddly Moving, AIK Productions, Kill The Cat Theatre, Open Sky Theatre & Hassan Abdulrassak.

SECURITY: Addressing and improving issues that contribute to feelings of insecurity when working as a freelancer. This includes addressing low wages, inconsistency of rates, lack of pension, sick pay and holiday pay.

Acknowledging financial insecurity and lack of clarity as contributors to freelancers’ sense of vulnerability, Turtle Key Arts and collaborating companies and artists pledge:

  • to standardise minimum half-day, whole-day and weekly rates to review all rates of pay on a yearly basis
  • to recognise that The Independent Theatre Council’s (ITC) ‘Recommended Rates of Pay’ document is a minimum, and will pay above this rate whenever possible [ 1 ]
  • to pay invoices within 14 days
  • to work with freelancers to identify what course of action could be taken together
  • to bring issues related to pensions, holiday and sick pay to funders, unions and relevant governmental departments [ 2 ]

We are committed to support this cause through lobbying opportunities whenever possible. to work with freelancers to explore whether it might be possible to include a payment as surrogate for pension, holiday pay or sick pay in the absence of any current contractual arrangements (to adopt social pay model).

[ 1 ] Companies acknowledge that ITC minimum is not a sustainable wage in the long term but also wish to state that for early career companies and artists, the level of funding available to them might prohibit paying higher than the recommended ITC minimum. Any increase in wages needs to be set within the framework of funding ecosystems / guidelines.

[ 2 ] Non-payment of pension, holiday and sick pay contributions is a defining feature of freelancing, and currently there are contractual limitations as to when it is possible for companies to make these contributions to freelancers. However, given the incredible number of freelancers nationally without pensions, and the evidence suggesting that many freelancers work when sick and injured, Turtle Key Arts and collaborating companies and artists believe that a discussion needs to be opened as to how this significant deficit in freelancers’ security and wellbeing can be improved.


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