The following information is a description of the production requirements for an outdoor performance of Ockham’s Razor’s new outdoor show Public.


main contacts

Ockham’s Razor are produced by:
Turtle Key Arts.
Lyric Hammersmith, Lyric Square, King St, Hammersmith, London, W6 0QL
Tel: 020 8964 3311 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. |

Alison King - Producer
+44 (0)7970 426 763
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Alex Harvey - Company co-artistic director
+44(0)7792 486890
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Laura Betty Haynes - Senior Company Stage Manager
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staffing and schedule

  • We require the venue/festival to provide a clear flat level outdoor space with options for the parkour elements of the show (i.e steps, benches, railings, walls etc) We require a minimum of 1 multi-skilled/all-rounder technician for get in and get out
  • Please advise us if your venue has staffing requirements that we may not have taken into account. For instance, additional staffing required for tallescope / access equipment use.
  • We may choose to stagger breaks for the purpose of sound check and staging etc if this serves the process better. We will aim to advise this at the beginning of the fit-up.
  • We require a minimum of 1 day before to get in and work on the site specific (staging the parkour elements) and community aspects of the show and then to do a tech/dress run. We need access to the site for a minimum of 7 hours the day before the first show.
  • Get out for us is minimal, striking marketing materials, costumes and Laptop. Venue/festival crew will need to strike outdoor PA.
  • Exact schedule will be tailored and discussed to allow for venue specific details.
  • Show running time: 35 minutes, no interval. This show can be repeated twice in one day





  • Ideal stage performance area of 12m x 10m is required with access to steps/walls/railings/benches etc to incorporate and integrate the parkour elements of the show (this is all open to discussion)
  • We ideally require a solid flat concrete or paved surface to perform on. We can perform on grass although this is not ideal and it would need to be dry and not muddy. We can also perform on rougher surfaces, we would just have to check certain performer movements.
  • All performance takes place within and around the performance area. The audience are taking additional space watching the performance from all sides ideally end on and would need to be guided by the ushers, or they can be seated if required to watch the show.
  • Clear view for the performance needed to 5m high.



  • We have no set or rigging requirements


stage management

  • 2 x large dressing rooms required for performers, there are 10 performers in the company
    They should be clean, private and have access to WC, basins and shower. It must be lockable, have well-lit mirrors and a wardrobe rack. It should be separate from public access and be close to the performance area
  • A suitable area to warm-up and rehearse prior to the show is appreciated. (Preferably indoors)
  • Please advise if in house laundry facilities are not available and free of charge
  • Brooms and crew to clear and sweep the performance area before each performance is important for us please to remove any litter, outdoor mess or sharp objects.



Sound forms an important part of the show, it is required to be loud at times and appropriate to the size space and area we are performing in, creating a full ranged strong presence is essential, and should sound like it is coming from the performance and surrounding area.


we tour:

  • Mac Laptop for Qlab computer-based playback


we require:

  • PA system with 4 x speakers plus 1 subbase or speakers include sub base with good all-round dynamic range.
  • Mixing desk with stereo mini jack input
  • Suitable control position with visual to whole performance area




transport and parking

  • All costume and show marketing materials etc tour in one small van/car
  • We require parking for a maximum of 2 vehicles. 1 x small van and 1 x car for company transport.


licensing / special / other

  • PUBLIC is an outdoor show about reclaiming public space, the audience will gather for the show and the performers will move through and around them arriving to the final performance playing area.
  • As a circus based acro/parkour/ dance show several portions of the show will involve movement, tumbling, jumping over structures in and around the performance areas. We are happy to discuss what we can use prior to our visit and indeed on arrival with appropriate staff and site managers.
  • All moves are comprehensively rehearsed and performed by trained professionals.
  • Please advise of any curfews, mandatory inspections by licensing or safety departments
  • Company has full insurance and all site-specific elements of the show are created and undertaken and checked by qualified professionals.
  • Site visit by Company Director/Producer of Company Manager will be undertaken, if necessary, where all aspects of the production can be discussed. Site pictures in advance are also helpful.
  • All music has been specially composed and commissioned for this show and is not covered by PRS / PPL requirements



  • This show cannot take place or continue if there is persistent rain or very bad weather, (rain/ sleet/snow, hail or storm like conditions)
  • If there is light rain, we may be able to start the show later or continue to the end or alternatively pause the performance until the weather has passed.
  • With torrential rain or persistent down pours, we would need to stop the show or delay its start time and perform when it was safe to do so.
  • The same applies for more extreme forms of weather.
  • The work is very physical, and the performers could be at risk if injury or accident if they perform or continue performing in wet or bad weather conditions.
  • This performance can take place within covid restrictions as it is outdoors. The piece features 10 performers and 1 company manager and is modular in its set up, so we can perform with less company members if they are unwell with COVID or injured.


Please note;
Ockham’s Razor and Turtle Key Arts are committed to the Theatre Green Book initiative working towards sustainable touring practice. We also fully endorse and support the industry sector Anti Racism and Discrimination Touring Rider. Our Green Rider and Anti Racism and Discrimination Rider will be sent in addition to this document.

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