To ensure that optimal circumstances for freelancers to do their work are guaranteed, Turtle Key Arts and collaborating companies and artists pledge:

  • to ensure workers get breaks in accordance with the legal stipulations
  • to plan for a realistic balance between tasks and time allocated to do them
  • to ensure in advance that facilities and staffing levels reflect the professional standards required to do the job safely and well
  • to communicate these requirements and standards in advance of any agreement with venues and establishments
  • to not accept a booking if any of these standards are known in advance and not able to be met
  • to communicate plans and schedules to freelancers alongside issuing contracts. With detailed schedules to follow as soon as available.
  • to ask all freelancers what they need to do their best job
  • to ask all freelancers if they have a particular working methodology that enables them to work at their best and to fulfil and accommodate these where possible
  • to guarantee that complaints will be dealt with seriously and confidentially.


In order to reflect the feedback of freelancers that issues related to climate change and environment are important to them, Turtle Key Arts and collaborating companies and artists pledge:

  • to agree sustainability targets, short term and long term for energy usage, travel, reducing waste, recycling etc., accounting for current budget restrictions.
  • Pledge to ‘greener’ riders when touring
  • To be held accountable to the company’s Green Pledge

The elements needed to fulfill the pledges outlined in the Working Conditions section will vary according to the nature of the work being undertaken, and as such we have not stipulated here what the various requirements might be. The needs of a technician or performer for a circus show will be different to someone delivering a storytelling workshop, and equally the needs of a freelancer on tour will be different to a freelancer doing a half-day job.

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