A framework of best practice between Ockham’s Razor and freelance workers.

The following document is an agreement between Ockham’s Razor (OR) and their producers Turtle Key Arts (TKA), and freelance workers, setting out a series of actions and practices to be implemented with a view to improving access to work, representation, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing within the OR and TKA freelance workforce. A commitment to ensuring optimum working conditions for freelancers to do their best work and continue to grow as professionals whilst working with OR and TKA.

Below is a summary of the areas OR have agreed to implement best practice protocols:



We commit to a minimum rate of pay for freelance artists which will be revised annually. Freelancer Pay Pledge Rates for 2022 - 2023

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We commit to support freelancers’ wellbeing and mental health.

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We promise to listen to and, wherever possible, act upon your concerns.

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We are committed to access, equality & inclusion. Fair pay, flexible hours, support, accessible working environment - ensure barriers to inclusion are removed.

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A commitment to share skills and training opportunities.

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Download Freelance Pay Pledge



OR and TKA acknowledge that this is only a first step in a long journey for freelancers within the industry. This manifesto is a statement of intent. We know there is more work to do and we look forward to continuing the conversation with freelancers to create a more ‘freelance-friendly’ and inclusive working environment going forward.

Freelancers should be advised that this is an ongoing document and that some of the issues raised will require actions beyond the capacities and capabilities of OR and TKA alone.


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